Introducing 99Digital

Incorporated in June 2013, 99Digital is an Information technology and business solutions Company deployed to enhance businesses with its various solutions and services and is a part of 99Edges Limited Liability Company.

The Goal

Beyond enhancing businesses and organizations, through the use of technology, 99Digital is deployed as a force to improve the economic figures of countries in the African space.
We recognize the continent's economic future as one that as one that is largely hinged on technology for its success, and we see small businesses as the catalyst to this grand goal of Africa becoming an economic giant.


99Digital is a core technology-business solutions company aimed at enhancing existing businesses and building new ones with its various solutions and services.

Our mantra

It only gets better. Inspired by the ever-improving face of technology. There is always a better way  of solving problems. The room for improvement is never filled up. We stand by this.

Our Vision

To see more businesses and organizations increase their profitability and growth on the platform of technology, to then become major contributors to the improvement of the economic figures especially in the African Space.

Getting it done

getting it done
Give businesses access to world-class technology solutions by exploiting low-cost technology means to their utmost advantage.

The Lean Way

We are Lean Startup mavens, and we employ its principles towards achieving the goal. Tested and proven, the lean way of solving problems seeks to eliminate the chances for waste in expending time, efforts and resources towards value creation. By applying its principles, we are assured of meeting needs and solving your business problems, the most profitable way.

Values and Culture

  • if it is not being done better, then it's waste _ 99digital
  • forsake cutting edge technology_99digital
  • what ever is small can become big_99digital
  • keep it simply simple _ 99digital
  • people are everything _ 99digital
  • the learning never stops _ 99digital

Success for us

What defines success for us is the measure of how much more value businesses and organizations can capture as a result of interacting with us. We win only when you win.

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