To really feel the experience of this post, you need to watch the video below.

This is a video ad from the car company, Mercedes Benz (Pronounced /Mur-say-dez/) trying to advertise the stability feature of their cars- body magic and they looked to the hens to execute this inbound marketing video advert.

Until the end of the video, you probably won’t know that the clip is by a car company. They succeed in earning your interest regardless.

An image ad for Chupa Chups via viralnova

Chupa Chops_ inbound marketing image ad

The candy making company releases a new variant from the Chupa-Chups brand, and they claim it’s sugar free. How else can they sell the product to their I-don’t-want-sugar consumers without activating the seller’s position so easily. Look to their ad, and see how the sugar ants avoided the stick sweet. What more prove do you want?

This kind of adverts applies what is called inbound marketing. A kind of pull tactic that is applied to creating adverts and marketing communication materials and it has proven to be very effective as against outbound style of marketing, that apply more of the push tactics like email blasting, (most times spamming), cold calling (randomly calling a potential customer), big banner ads, prints and the likes.

Inbound Marketing or Outbound Which is better?

ayo Dawodu_mobile web

Marketing focus day, Mobile Web West Africa 2013: Making a point about inbound marketing vs outbound.

Several discussions has been raised as to which method is most effective. However, in determining this, one needs to consider the purpose for which the advert is being created; for brand awareness or to actually convert (get the user to take an action e.g Buy, Subscribe).

The conventional marketing strategy being applied today mostly is outbound, and we have seen it being adopted in all the stages of selling. Those who seem go all the way with it are brands with a big fat budget for marketing. What of the small business with no budget for TV advertisement? there is a better way, and as you know, with us, better is better.

5 things You should know about outbound

  1. It delivers result, but the question is how much of ROI in relation to the amount invested? Usually less. A loss.
  2. Customers are getting resistive to its tactics. It’s crowded and intrusive.
  3. It activates the sellers position easily – It makes it obvious that you are after your own interest – trying to sell, without appealing much to what the consumer wants.
  4. It is tough to measure its qualified effects.
  5. It Works for Brand awareness.

4 things You should know about inbound

  1. You have to earn the interest of your customers, usually indirectly.
  2. It is more of personalization and initiating a long-lasting relationship with the customer.
  3. You lock-in your customers through engagement between the brand and the customer.
  4. Applies tactics that are less capital intensive, perfect for businesses with shoe-string budget.

Some methods you can apply

  • SEO. There is nothing like customers discovering your website all by themselves through search, but you must be positioned for discovery.
  • Blogging and Content Marketing. Putting out Great Content. Only worthy content would rise above the noise. This is assuming you blog already.
  • Giving free Informative Webinars and Hangouts
  • Personalized experience across all points of contact

Today’s customers are better informed, and now have an increasing array of choices for their needs.

Business who still use outbound techniques face huge competition. Except for those who have budget for TV air time and Bill Board banners. Even those spaces are becoming crowded.

Those who will get the attention of customers are those that will apply inbound tactics.
There is far less competition along that lane and its tactics are usually fueled by creativity rather than plenty cash, which guarantees uniqueness of your marketing efforts, and pays off in the long haul.

Everyone is selling one thing or the other these days and are trying to make adverts to help.. are you one of them?

Which method of advertising would you apply?
Which methods have you applied and seem to work?

Do you need ideas?

Leave a comment and let’s get talking about inbound marketing tactics that work.
and hope you enjoyed the post.