[Press Release] 99Digital swings into full operation

[Press Release] 99Digital swings into full operation

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Lagos, Nigeria - Jan 22nd 2014

Putting Africa in the spotlight, the current economic trends occurring on the continent in recent times have sent signals out into the world communicating the opportunities that abound. Just like some other countries outside the continent, countries in Africa have reached the emerging phase. There are societal and economic changes going on and the rate of these occurrences can be classified revolutionizing.

Though plagued with unemployment, the economic promises of the continent still holds a lot as economist expect the continent to create 54 million jobs by 2020 - 6 years away. We perceive technology to be a part of this revolution and this is further confirmed by the digital age we have attained. Business and organizations would need a lot of technology working behind the scene to indeed take delivery of the value and improve profitability.

ayo Dawodu, a technology consultant at 99Digital says,

a lot can be saved with the use of technology. We see it largely as an enabler, one that puts businesses on the fastest track to value creation.

He further stated, that though they work with technology, they don’t let it get in the way, and that's in line with their culture of brutal simplicity, achieving the end-goal with less cost.

About 99Digital

99Digital is an Information technology and business solutions Company deployed to enhance businesses with its various solutions and services and is a part of 99Edges Limited Liability Company - RC1122298.

We are a core technology-business solutions company aimed at enhancing existing businesses and building new ones with its various solutions and services.

We have a big picture of businesses and organizations increasing their profitability and growth on the platform of technology, to then become major contributors to the improvement of the economic figures especially in the African Space.

We are here to be a part of it and contribute our bit, providing access to world-class technology products and solutions by exploiting low-cost technology means to their utmost advantage.


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